£22 Million for Gomes, all hugs free.

Andre Gomes and Marcel Brands

There’s not feeling better than waiting patiently for something, and finally getting it. Whether that be a new bike, football shirt or a new album from your favourite band. Seeing confirmation of the product or news you’ve waited so eagerly, twiddling your thumbs for, is unmatchable.

Evertonians had just that feeling on Tuesday, it was announced that former Blues Loanee, and European Championship winner Andre Gomes had signed for the toffees permanently, on a five-year deal. The news proved that waiting patiently eventually does pay off, and as I am typing this piece, blues everywhere are rejoicing at the news.

If you don’t understand the hype around Gomes’ transfer from FC Barcelona, the reasons are simple: Gomes was a breath of fresh air in Everton’s midfield last season, he lit up a side that looked on the floor when he joined on loan last summer. He struck up a striking partnership with Idrissa “Gana” Gueye last season, and had the supporters inside Goodison swooning for his silky black hair, and aggresive playing style. Gomes won 40 “50/50’s” last season according to premierleague.com, and his ability to drag opposition midfielders out of position leaving them red-faced was appreciated by blues all over the world.

Gomes’ suave announcement on Everton’s Twitter account detailed that Gomes “had ambition” and the supporters who waited so patiently like a child at Christmas will hope that ambition translates into a trophy in the near future. I have no doubt Gomes is the type of player who is a winner, and is typical of the Silva-Brands Everton makeup. This has all come for just £22 Million, which has left fans of other Premier League clubs wondering how Braveheart Marcel Brands has coerced Barcelona officials into selling him so cheap.

All in all, the horizon looks bright, hopefully a deal for Gomes’ fellow loannee Kurt Zouma, who looked solid in defence, will be tied up by the end of the summer. The completion of Andre Gomes’ signing means pints in the sun, a solid number 8, hug-athons, blue heart emojis on Andre’s twitter account, and the sound of Gerry Cinnamon’s “Belter” on the terraces and away coaches next season. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum.

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