About Us

The Toffee Blues is an independent Everton fan group and news source managed and created by Everton fans for Everton fans. Originally starting as the Twitter account “@EvertonNewsFeed” back in December 2011, our goal is to be “Your source for all things Everton”.

In 2016 we expanded onto other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram before finally branding ourselves as “The Toffee Blues”. During the start of the 2017/2018 season The Toffee Blues Fan Channel and Podcast were launched as well as our original website on Wix so we could share opinions and views on Everton Football Club.

The Toffee Blues has an ever growing following and we pride ourselves on being a hub for Everton fans to get the latest news and to voice their own views on all things Everton


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The Toffee Blues is an unofficial and independent funded group that is managed by Evertonians. The views and opinions on The Toffee Blues website and within its content are not always those of The Toffee Blues and should be credited to the specific contributor. The Toffee Blues is not affiliated with any other form of Everton fan media, websites, organisations or networks.

Disclaimer – The Toffee Blues Store

The Toffee Blues store attached to our website is ran by a third party manufacturer, printer and shipper “Spring“. The Toffee Blues is not responsible or liable to any delay or issue when it comes to the arrival, dealing or handling of an order. The only process that involves The Toffee Blues is the design process of the merchandise. Any issues or complaints can be made to support@teespring.com. I would ask that if there are any issues or complaints to be made, please make us at The Toffee Blues aware also.


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