Blue Bricks Make A Splash In Fan Plaza

A stunning design feature is set to make a splash on the former dock that has been transformed into Everton Stadium.

Skilled craftsmen from Vetter, a specialist stone contactor and part of the Laing O’Rourke group of companies, have been painstakingly paving the 30,000m sq fan plaza that will serve as the spacious entrance to the stadium footprint.

However, the historic dock walls will remain exposed as a feature of the plaza and a geographical nod to the rich heritage of the site.

And within these dock walls, contrasting paved stone that contains blue glass will be laid to mirror the reflection of water glistening on the surface.

Laing O’Rourke Project Director, Gareth Jacques, said: “It was always the plan to have the dock wall exposed and the area inside these walls will be laid with blue glass Kellen blocks.

“There are three different types of block, with different quantities of blue glass included as part of the manufacturing process. The design intent is that they appear like shimmering water, when the light shines on them.”

Work has begun on the second phase, which will be the culmination of a year-long programme to granite pave the expansive plaza, which will be able to accommodate thousands of Evertonians on matchday and can also play host to non-matchday events and concerts.

Bramley Moor Stadium

The fan plaza is also interspersed with heritage items from the dock’s heyday, such as historic railway tracks, capstans, mooring bollards and cobblestones that were a feature when Liverpool’s Docks dominated global trade.

Jacques added: “The reason we had a 52-week plan for the paving and hard landscaping was to enable us to develop the most effective sequence for all the other external works activities happening at the same time. This programme ensures that we have as little traffic as possible on top of the finished product.

“We have finished the south half of the fan plaza, with the railway lines installed. Our specialist restorations team are also currently infilling the random granite stone around the pedestrian gates, which will blend in perfectly to the Grade II Listed wall once complete.

“When the whole fan plaza and restoration works are finished, I think the fans will have a truly unique and special entrance experience which complements this magnificent stadium.”

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