Vlasic to leave Everton in the summer?

A name which seems to have been forgotten about this season is Nikola Vlasic. A good start with some solid performances and a goal or two. His form even got him a call up to the Croatian National Team earning him his 2nd cap against Greece in a friendly.

But since Koeman’s sacking it looks like Allardyce and even Unsworth when he got a chance didn’t fancy Nikola.

Nikola’s has apparently spoken to Croatian Media and said this;

“It’s not my place to talk about a new coach, to talk about the expertise or actions of a new coach. I would explain it differently.”

“Everton is a club that has to live from young players… Everton cannot buy a £100m player, and it’s not likely anyone worth a hundred million would come to such as Everton who does not fight for trophies, is it?

“Therefore, Everton has to live from young footballers, foreign or English, that is all the same. And there’s a problem with Nikola, who started great and was then sent off to the side. To understand, Nikola is progressing day by day, where he is today is better than he was a year ago or a few months ago. He should be the prospect of the club, not some older players.”

Croatia’s Sportske Novotsi spoke to Nikola Jurcevic who is their go to guy for the Premier League and he had this to say.

“He has the status of a special trainer on the island. But the fact that the best English clubs are led by foreign coaches, never called him, says enough that he doesn’t meet the highest demands, clubs’ ambitions are far greater than his possibilities.” Nikola explaining Sam Allardyce to a Croatian audience.

“Vlasic had a great start, he even started to make use of the starting opportunity, but then he disappeared. It’s damaging for a young player and he needs his games to develop. And Allardyce has brought two other players this winter and it certainly doesn’t go in favour of our young player. And if Vlasic’s status is not upwards before the summer, he will probably send him somewhere on loan.”

So it could be a possibility we see Nikola move out on loan come the summer. Or it could be a case of we get a new manager that actually sees his good potential and starts playing. Here’s hoping for the latter!

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