England’s loss is Everton’s gain as Rooney calls time on England career

So the gripping, forever thriving international football scene was delivered a huge shock today, as England record goalscorer Wayne Rooney announced his retirement from the England set up.

Following Everton’s 1-1 draw at City this past Monday, questions were raised as to the legitimacy of Rooney’s claim for a call up to the next England squad. Those questions were answered when manager Gareth Southgate called up Rooney, however the Toxteth born Toffee responded duly with a simple “Nah, you’re sound mate”.

So what does mean for Ronald Koeman’s blue and white legion? The truth is only positivity.

If there was any doubts surrounding Rooney’s mind set following his move back to Goodison Park, there needn’t be now.

Reportedly Wayne is focused single mindedly on bringing silverware back to Goodison. He sacrifices one of the most prestigious honours in world football, the England captaincy, to allow him to focus soley on what will have been a boyhood dream. Pretty good attitude for a “fat knobhead” who’s not arsed about Everton, right?

His opening two games of the season have brought two goals, and two solid performances. Each goal highlighted his unquestionable ability to be in the right place at the right time, pure striker instinct. Combine this with his simply pornagraphic range of passing, and there’s no doubt his contribution has been worthy at this early stage.

He’s forever been a player greatly under appreciated, with many stating he’s simply finished, for both England and United. An opinion that could not be more naive. It’s natural that he doesn’t still possess the simply monstrous demeanour and hunger displayed by an Wayne, but you don’t get to being England and Manchester United’s all time top goal scorer by becoming shite over night.

His contribution is also starting to transpire off the field as well, as I have no doubts whatsoever that Rooney has been an integral part of Calvert-Lewin’s development on the field, following a simply stunning performance at City this past Monday from the youngster.

Truth be told, I’d rather watch an Everton U18’s tie away at Doncaster than an England World Cup campaign. So the idea of a Wayne Rooney focusing soley on the Toffee’s is a prospect which provokes licked lips.

It’s even more of a sensible approach when you consider the routine attached to the Europa League, with two games in a week. At 31 years old, he’s no spring chicken. Those branding him as finished, clearly haven’t considered the amount on his plate in recent years. The brunt of the abuse seemed to reach it’s peak last season, the year Manchester United endured a full Europa League conquest to lift the trophy.

The pressure is now off our very own Wazza, the fire back in his belly, and let’s hope it can spark FC Sexy back to the pinnacle of English football, once again.

– Ben (@bcwilloww)

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