Big Sams Presser – Stoke City (A)

Big Gravy arrived to his press conference to preview this weekend’s game against Stoke City shockingly on time and not his usual 10+ minutes late.

First off he kicked it off with news regarding Gylfi Sigurdsson

“It’s an unfortunate trauma injury. When you can’t avoid an injury like this then you have to look at the recovery time.”

“It’s been a tough time all year with injuries and that has certainly had an effect on our away results and performances.”

“Whoever gave that statement out is going to get a bollocking. You cannot predict the length of an injury in its entirety. It can be shorter than that (eight weeks mentioned).”

“Gylfi’s motivation is to get back playing for us and Iceland in the World Cup.”

Then asked about a possible move for Jack Wilshere in the summer

“Next season is next season, our main aim is to have right discussions at right period of time.”

He was then asked what his role would be during the summer for recruitment

“I’m focusing on the first-team and achieving the safety mark, then having those discussions.”

Sam than was asked about the Man United/Sevilla game and he had this to say

“I was there to watch a couple of players from Seville but I’m sure United fans will be disappointed they’re out “

With Gylfi’s injury, talk of Davy Klaassen getting a chance has been mentioned abit. Allardyce said this about an opportunity for Davy;

“Maybe. It’s been a struggle for Davy since he arrived. If he does get the opportunity, hopefully he will shine and show what he did at Ajax.”

“if he gets an opportunity hopefully he’ll shine and takes it. At the end of the day he’s not the only one who’s struggled in his first season in this league. Usually the second season gives them a big opportunity to show what they can do.”

And on Paul Lambert and Stoke

“he’s made them difficult to beat and using the new players to be more creative”

On Xherdan Shaqiri

“We need to keep a close watch on him. He’s one of Stoke City’s key men to try and mark out of the game if we can.”

Finally on Everton’s Away form

“We’ve tried a number of things. Changing system, changing personnel, but changing mentality is the big one. We’ve been using some more work into the mind in the analysis room.”

That’s all from Sam’s press conference. Here’s to 3 points at Stoke!

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