An Assessment of Everton’s striking options

Deadline day failed to disappoint it seemed. Well, I mean technically I suppose it did. The major target, the final piece of the Revolution De Koeman was not obtained, a striker. However the renowned EFC Twitter fume was in full flow. The fury, the red faced rants that provoke those little bits of saliva to fly out of open mouths, the constant refreshing, the “Sack Koeman he’s shite, the sack “Steve Walsh he’s shite”, Moshiri’s a fraud, Kenwright out, etc, etc.

The truth is that failing to secure a striker isn’t ideal to our cause, but it’s not cataclysmic.

Realistically we have 3 who can play in the coveted number 9 role.

Wayne Rooney

Firstly, Wayne Rooney. Admittedly Rooney, 31, does favour a deeper position in the twilight years of his his career, but the Manchester United all time top goal scorer, and England all time top goal scorer, funnily enough can score goals. A position from where he set the world a light as a teenager with the Toffee’s, and a position he could still do a job in. His performance in the 1-1 draw at the Etihad highlighted he still has an attacking prowess in his locker.

Dominic Calvert- Lewin

I am currently, quite happily, tucking into a considerable amount of Calvert-Lewin flavoured humble pie. It was last season when the 19 year old began to break into the first team fold, I wasn’t convinced in the slightest. A lanky target man, who seemed to be played out wide. He didn’t *appear* to have much pace, technique. He didn’t seem to be fantastic, but Koeman persisted with him. I now realise how incredibly naïve I was to expect a 19 year old to walk into the Premier League and change games in his first few appearances.

Calvert-Lewin has shown he has the potential to be a fantastic Premier League striker one day. The first team exposure has accelerated his development it seems, as he looks pacey, strong, incredibly athletic, and can finish. His goal in the final secured victory for England u20’s in their recent World Cup success over the summer.

You can’t question his potential, but at the moment that’s all it is, potential. I don’t feel he’s yet there to provide the artillery to break Everton through the glass celling and into the top 6.

Sandro Ramirez

The capture of Sandro from Malaga was one filled with the feeling of excitement surrounding the unknown. The Spaniard came with a stellar reputation from La Liga, bagging 14 goals in 30 appearances for the Boquerones. His footballing blood is indeed pure, as he rose to prominence through the infamous Barcelona academy.

He hasn’t exactly set the pace in his opening appearances at Goosison though it seems. Sandro, admittedly has only actually made 2 appearances in the Premier League, and it seems he’s still adapting. He’s been dubbed as an intelligent striker, with a predetorial instinct of finding the back of the net. Nevertheless he’s not the biggest of specimens, and it seems he’s still struggling to adapt to the physical demands of the Premier League.

As I said, we’re only a couple of games into the season, so can we give the lad a break and not the “Ross Barkley” treatment. But I’ve a feeling we’re yet to see the best of Sandro.

So we’ve got a pedigreed, former world class striker, a youngster with potential, and an unknown quantity. Not the sort of arsenal that will strike fear into Premier League defences. I read a tweet commenting that we’ve built a superbly running Rolls Royce, but the wheels are just a bit fucked, I think this is quite an accurate analogy.

So who do we get? Or who did we miss out on? Perhaps a cheeky loan deal for Michel Batshuayi would have wet my appetite a bit. The Belgian has struggled to make a huge impact with Chelsea, however a run of first team games at a club challenging would more than likely coax out the goals from the Marseille man. Maybe a move in January?

So do not worry, my Toffee’s. There is a revolution well under way, and it’s not just based in Bramley Moore. Ronald Koeman’s tricky Toffee’s are on the ascent it seems. But to quote the extremely overused, clichéd phrase. Rome was not built in a day.

– Ben (@bcwilloww)

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