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To get us all ready for the game on Saturday we spoke with the lads from Bournemouth blog site “The South End” to find out what is in store for Everton

Well Bournemouth currently sit below Everton at 19thin the Premier League table. Tell me how you think Bournemouth have done so far this season?

Slow starters, with a few tough games. We simply haven’t clicked into gear yet. It needs to get better and soon.

What would you say is a realistic goal for Bournemouth this season?

I think finishing 9th last season flattered us a little. And, if we had dropped a few points here and there we could have easily finished in 15th. This season anything around 12th is the best we can expect

Who do you think will be Bournemouth’s stand out player this season?

Waiting for Jermain Defoe to reveal his true self. Got his first goal v Brighton, so hoping he will kick on and get 20 goals this season

Bournemouth spent a fair bit of money in the transfer window just gone, what did you make of their business? Were you happy with it or could they had done more?

Very happy with the new additions, but would have liked to have seen another defender brought in along with a creative midfielder to help open up the opposition.

You could say Everton’s squad has changed since we last played you, what did you make of Everton’s business in the transfer window?

On paper it looked like money well spent. Pickford is a great keeper and would have liked Sigurdsson at Bournemouth. Hasn’t quite gelled yet, which is a guarantee it will happen for you Saturday.

What have been your thoughts on Everton so far this season?

Poor. I expect Everton to be a top seven side. For this to happen they need to get their ass in gear. But, hopefully they won’t do this until after Saturday.

If you could choose one player from Everton to have at Bournemouth who would it be?

Sigurdsson at his best. We don’t have a free-kick specialist and he would be the creative midfielder we need. You can always loan him to us if you want.

How do you see Bournemouth lining up on Saturday?

Hard to tell. No settled formation as yet, but at a guess Begovic, Smith, Cook, Ake, Daniels, Fraser, Surman, After, Stanislas (remember him), King, Defoe

Who do you think will be Bournemouth’s danger man on the day?

Jermain Defoe. If Everton give him two chances he’s almost guaranteed to score one.

Finally what’s your prediction?

Heart says 2-1 win. Head says 1-0 loss.

Thank you to the lads at The South End you can find them on Twitter at @TFTSE

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