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With the international break now done and over with we can finally turn our intentions to the important football. Everton welcome Tottenham Hotspur to Goodison in the hope of 3 points. We managed to talk with Alasdair Gold, Tottenham correspondent for football.londonabout the game this weekend.

Well Alasdair the international break is now over and the club football can commence again, out of interest what are your thoughts on the national team do you care for it much?

If I’m completely honest, while I enjoy international football, it doesn’t deliver the same excitement and passion the Premier League does week in, week out. As a journalist it’s tough to generate interest with readers in international matches compared to the bread and butter of club football

Right now to the matter at hand, Tottenham and Everton. What would you say about Tottenham’s start to the season so far?

Spurs have been similar in their start to last season, not entirely convincing in putting teams away. However, last season they ground out a couple of 1-0 wins and this time they’re at Wembley so it appears on the face of it to be a more difficult start. If you drill down a bit, Spurs have probably just been unlucky not to have won all three games so far.

What players do you think will have a stand out season?

I think it will be usual suspects of Kane, Alli, Eriksen and Alderweireld but I wonder if we’ll either have a breakthrough with someone like Harry Winks or one of the new signings like Davinson Sanchez who becomes a star.

How would you rate Tottenham’s transfer business this season with the players coming in?

I think it was an attacking midfielder away from being perfect. They’ve refreshed the best defence in the country last season with talented players and have added a real goal threat in Fernando Llorente to take the burden off Kane. They just needed another attacking midfielder and we all know who they wanted.

Since we are on the topic of transfers, Tottenham and Everton lets talk about Ross Barkley. A player continuously linked away from our club and linked to your club. What’s your thoughts on Ross and also his situation. To say the Everton fans are finding him sour at the minute would be a massive understatement.

I think Spurs wanted Barkley and Barkley wanted Spurs but Daniel Levy would never pay the sums being quoted for a player with 11 months left on his contract and an injury that will keep him out for months. Everton refused to deal with Spurs on the final day and Barkley made a brave decision, which understandably has riled up the Toffees fans. The pressure will now be on the club to sell him to Spurs in January or lose him for free in the summer.

What are your thoughts on Everton so far this season?

I think they’ve looked like a team in exactly the transitional period they are in. They’ve brought in a lot of quality this summer and need time for it all to gel. Perhaps not fully replacing Lukaku with a real goalscorer is causing them some woes but the return of Rooney, if he can steer clear of off the field trouble, could be a masterstroke.

Everton you could say were pretty present during the transfer window, what have you thought about their recent signings?

I’ve touched on Rooney above and Klaassen is a talented player. We all know what Gylfi brings but whether that’s worth £50m is another thing. Pickford is a superb signing, a real talent for now and the future and Keane has plenty of potential. They others have plenty to prove in this league and it will be interesting to see who adapts and who doesn’t.

If you could choose one player from Everton to have at Tottenham who would it be?

Ross Barkley! Other than that it would be Pickford but with Lloris so entrenched he would not play. He’s a great young keeper though.

How do you see Tottenham lining up on the day?

I see Pochettino setting up with a (4-2-3-1) formation with Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Davies; Dier, Dembele; Eriksen, Alli, Son and Kane all starting.

How Alasdair sees Tottenham starting on the weekend

It might seem a stupid question, but who do you think will be Tottenham’s danger man on the day?

Eriksen. Everything would say Kane but the Dane pulls the strings. Keep him quiet and you stand half a chance of stopping Spurs from creating chances.

Finally what’s your prediction for the match?

I have a feeling it might end up the same as last year. 1-1.

We’d like to thank Alasdair and you can find him on Twitter at @AlasdairGold

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