Match Report| Watford 1-0 Everton

An away day in or around London can mean only 2 things; me not going and us getting beat. I’ve never seen us win down south, ever. The main reason I didn’t go is cos Allardyce is still here, the fat horrible gobshite. He literally couldn’t give a shit if he tried and he’s taken away the excitement of going to watch Everton not only at home but away as well and I’ve never felt this detached from this club in my life. Only 10 games left, hopefully.

Kenny and Williams came in for Coleman and Mangala, who’s Everton career’s over before it’s even started. The rest of the team was the same as that who started against Palace. How Niasse still gets in that team over Tosun, who looked boss on them videos in Dubai, is beyond me. 27 million pounds and left to rot on the bench and watch a fellow striker run around and toey the ball whenever it comes near him. Shambolic this.

I won’t lie, I only watched the first half an hour and the last 15 minutes cos it just bored the life out of me. Watching Everton is a chore. The first half was dreadful from both teams, no chances or shots or any type of flair or anything. It was just shit. 0-0 at half time and you just knew what was going to happen. A Troy Deeney goal in the last 20 minutes was so so inevitable.

The second half was more of the same old boring shit. Tosun came on just before the hour but what was Allardyce expecting him to? Lashing him on, Watford away, 0-0, playing terrible, on his own, up top. Why doesn’t he play with 2 strikers? What’s the problem with being attacking minded? We can all see that what Allardyce is trying to do doesn’t work so why doesn’t he change it up and fucking go for the win for once? Everything’s just so negative and the ‘play for a draw away from home’ mentality is draining the life out of me.

That inevitable Deeney goal came right on cue, as he turned his man and walloped it past Pickford into the top corner. His first goal from open play this season so obviously it was against us. We had nothing to reply to Deeney’s goal so that’s how it stayed. Pickford won a header from a corner in the last minute and he’s now level with Morgan Schneiderlin in terms of shots on target. A fine stat. Full time, 1-0, shite, fed up, can’t be arsed, fuck off.

Here’s something to brighten everyone’s day. 5 away wins in a season and a half. Boss.

If Allardyce is still the Everton manager at the start of next season then I’ll snap me season ticket in half. He’s ruining this club. We could’ve been a major force this season, with all the money we spent and the board have got it wrong straight away by appointing a fucking gravy connoisseur and primary school P.E teacher. Give 200 million to a manager who knows what to do with 200 million and we might get somewhere. I’m sick to the back teeth of having to watch us try and string 4 passes together. All I ask is that at the end of the season, we have a clear out and fuck them two off first. We’re shit at the moment and it’s depressing to watch.


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